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Kreos strongly believes in the use of legal services, and often these are the core of our procedures. As a rule, legal actions are either the last step of an action plan (only when all extrajudicial procedures fail, at the risk of substantial delays, even disastrous in case of bankruptcy or insolvency procedures), or, on the other hand, they are fragmented actions (legal letter not followed by any legal action, that actually activates months or even years later). Our procedures aim to involve legal professionals from the beginning, in order to speed credit collection up and give our collaborators the opportunity to act on the basis of clear, precise and accurate provisions.

The strong points in this sector is the continuous cooperation between internal and external staff (administration office, lawyers, phone and home collectors, associate lawyers all over the Country)and the full availability of our lawyer to resolve each case in both civil and criminal matters. Example for the former cases are admonitory provisions, repossessions, forced execution, and other activities not subjected to prejudicial mediation. Example for the latter cases are denunciations, complaints, repossessions etc. and we charge them all the expenses for criminal proceedings to bring a civil action, to recover of the debt and to compensate the damage.

Legal and judicial procedures flank other practices, and are performed exclusively by personnel trained by our lawyers and consultants, which are in first person at our corporate head office holding refresher courses and supervising the files management.

It results in a fluid and precise action, that is very effective on debtors and always leads to a result, both in extrajudicial and judicial phase.


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