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Home Collection

Home collection is the most traditional credit collection activity.

Nowadays the sector-specific regulations and clients requests reach a such a high complexity that it’s very difficult for a single agent to manage alone the amount of work that generates.

Kreos, in order to both help and support its collaborators, and maintain control over the respect of many quality standards, studied and applied a constant bilateral information exchange between the headquarters and the agents, unburden the latter from back office and research tasks, in order to let them to concentrate on the field they are expert in: credit collection.
Our collaborators are young, expert, skilled, dynamic and can adapt to various client requests.
Some of them are external experts, others signed a salaried employment agreement, also according to products and tasks they are responsible for; all of them, though, are highly trained to know all about regulations to be respected, code of ethics, internal operation manual and they attend in-company courses on profitable use of negotiation and conciliation techniques.

Doing so, we can achieve at the same time remarkable results, image and tranquility.

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