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Commercial information

Commercial information activity is the core activity and power source for both debt management and credit management operations.

The first group consist of the conventional credit management and collection, during these phases we must intervene at earlier credit collection phase; in this case commercial information service is very important both in extrajudicial phase, to get new valid data about the debtor and therefore find and contact him/her, and in judicial phase, in order to send letters and summons to correct addresses and verify the presence of properties or goods to seize.

The second group consist of those Kreos candidate itself for as consultant for companies and business, in order to help them to choose how and where to sell and act at later credit collection phase.

The most common questions, such as “Can I trust this client” or “Is this supplier trustworthy?” find good answers thanks to our commercial information service; For risk clients, we study together with You a way to manage invoices, that consist of deadlines reminding and/or first kind payment reminders, in order to channel your credits towards stable and sure results.

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