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Legislative Decree 231

On the 8th June 2001 has been issued the Legislative Decree 231 entitled “Discipline of the administrative liability of legal entities, companies and association including those without legal status”, that introduced for the first time in our legislation (conforming to certain international Conventions, to which Italy has long since adhered) a system of administrative liability – related substantially to criminal liability – of entities for certain crimes or administrative offences committed by individuals who hold administration or management positions or persons who exercise the management or control of those individuals.

Kreos S.r.l. decided then to outline accurately the most common risk profile for its kind of business, dividing them in two groups: the ones pertaining the Law Decree dated June 30, 2003, number 196 (Privacy), and the ones pertaining Criminal violations and Reputational risk.

For any kind or procedure have been defined Precautions and Protocols to be taken, the Management of financial resources, the Obligation of information and Disciplinary system.

In this way, not only we applies an effective system of prevention and control against the most common crimes that can potentially be committed during managing and protecting credit, but also we draw the attention to certain behaviors not constituting a criminal offence, but equally reprehensive (such as: image damage, reputational risk, low customer satisfaction).

All this brings to more peace of mind and guarantee to the client, and even to debtors, consumers and citizens.

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