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Who we are

Kreos srl is a credit protection and management company established in 2005, merging together the best skills coming from other companies. Their common goal is get in the game.

Over the years our staff has been able to adapt to different market conditions and in some cases foresee its trends. Kreos took the bold decision of introducing in its company a highly skilled and determined phone collection branch that grew over the years, allowing the company to compete against major reality in this industry, despite its recent constitution.

Nowadays Kreos is a mature company, which stabilized its growth offering to its various principals, on a permanent basis, the most requested and valued services, and deciding which route to follow for its future development: avoid scattering tasks in a huge company, working towards quality and the creation of a cozy yet highly professional working environment. In team spirit we see the winning asset to face new and important challenges: never stops at achieved results but always aiming at the best, looking for innovations to ease and optimize our staff’s job.

That’s why training and innovation come first.
We are committed to dynamism.

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