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We are UNIREC members since 2009: UNIREC stands for National Association of Enterprise for Credit Protection, and includes the most important professionals of this sector.

Through strict internal regulations, and thanks to its Board of Arbitrators, UNIREC guarantees the permanent respect of the following requirements: continuous training, reliability and trustworthiness.

We are also EBITEC members: it stands for National Bilateral Bodies for Credit Protection, which includes UNIREC and Adiconsum, and within its members lists important Banks and Financial Companies.

This body purposes are two:

– On one side, it guarantees the upkeep of strict quality standards when it comes to relationship with obligor clients (for this purpose Kreos S.r.l. has its own operating manual);

– On the other side, it keeps open a discussion forum between debtors and creditors, in order to ease the settlement of disputes.

Through UNIREC, Kreos S.r.l. joined FENCA, the Federation of European National Collection Associations, and Confindustria SIT (Innovative and Technologic Services). Moreover we also joined Confindustria Cuneo, The Industrial Union of Cuneo Province.

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