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Professional ethics

People working with us respect our code of conduct, deeply following the codes compiled by UNIREC and EBITEC.
Fundamental code guidelines are the followings:

• Keep and maintain requirements of integrity and professionalism, that complete and increase the conditions already set by the sector-specific regulations;

• Constant preservation of Company reputation and image, as well as our Principals’;

• Obligation to report any activity carried out, in order to ease quality control;

• Strict policy on complaint analysis and study.

Furthermore Kreos S.r.l. entirely accepts and applies the Consumer Guide compiled by UNIREC with the help of Adiconsum and Federconsumatori.

In the implementation of our activity we exclusively sign employees’ labor contracts and collaboration contracts fully fitting the agreement signed by UNIREC and FILCAMS-CGIL, FISASCAT-CISL, UILTUCS-UIL on December the 3rd 2012 and revised on October the 29th 2013.

All professionals cooperating with Kreos are carefully selected among professionals registered in the respective professional order and specialized in judicial and extra judicial credit management.

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