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For public administration


Nowadays public administrations are squeezed between the need of collecting and the need of keeping good relationships with citizens, embittered by intrusive collecting techniques. Compulsory collecting techniques often miss both targets: on one side collecting performances are decreasing, lowering the budget that can be used to provide services for the community, on the other side using these techniques damages public administration image.

More and more often public administrations prefer not to take action against their debtors citizens, with potential worrisome consequences for the whole system.

Kreos srl offers a simple yet genius solution: adding an extrajudicial credit management phase in order to eliminate the need of compulsory collecting techniques. So we achieve different goals:

  • Savings in collecting activities, both for citizens and the public administration;
  • Reducing management times and better collecting performances;
  • Negotiation phase between public administration and the citizen-client extends, with obvious benefits on the so-called “social performancee”.

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